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One of the fastest developing tier II cities in the state of Tamil Nadu, is already at the cusp of tremendous technology adoption. One among many is the evolving market trend of online shopping which has become the favorite baby of several shoppers. Emerging as the pioneer and becoming the market leader in the space by offering groceries even cheaper than the malls and local stores is Sungrocery.

The endeavor saw a huge gap in this industry where people used to spend hours making through the honking traffic and travelling to malls and local stores to procure their groceries. Adding to this, people had to spend a lot of time standing in queue for making payment. Triggered with an immediate need of an online grocery retail website, the duo established Sungrocery to provide an opportunity to people to spend their time with their loved ones rather than in long queues. Today, the e-retailer caters all the grocery needs of people except three categories including electronic goods, furniture and vehicles.

Through its user friendly designed website, the company has proudly spoiled the habit of its users as it's just the matter of few clicks and the users will be out of their grocery needs and left with ample time to spend as they desire. The pictures on the website are so illustrious and user friendly that even an uneducated person can place his order with the help of these pictures. Offering the best and the fresh products at a market competitive price is the USP of the company that makes it a more preferred choice of people in Coimbatore compared to other sellers.

Sungrocery procures all its perishable goods like vegetables and fruits directly from organic farmers eliminating the middle men, thus guaranteeing fresh products at such a price mark which is unreachable by many. On the other hand, all the durable grocery items are procured directly from the distributors providing them enough capsules to counter the price factor.

Even being a small company with just 40 people, Sungrocery has not outsourced its single wing to third party including delivery of the goods. “I believe that to offer a hassle free service, we need to be in charge of all the aspects of the business ourselves. And being a startup can never put a full stop or even a comma in our commitment to quality delivery,” the team asserts. The company also has separate warehouses to stock their perishable and durable goods. The entire process in the warehouse is automated. As soon as Sungrocery receives an order from the customer, the particular order moves from the warehouse. The management gets notified about the goods being delivered to the customer. Even if the customer comes after a month with a complaint about the product to be defective, Sungrocery can track the lot number and trace down the distributor to find the real problem with the goods. This enables them to answer the customer with real facts and no excuses. The company currently focuses on serving local people, but in days to come, it will expand to different cities across India including Chennai.